When Iora Jordeka realizes the incredible intelligence of her best friend Lucha, she makes it her mission to provide the resources he needs to feed his amazing mind. Unfortunately, for a carpenter’s daughter, this mostly entails stealing books from the libraries of the wealthy elite of her town. Luckily, Iora’s dexterity and stealth allow her to successfully execute this task. At least, most of the time. When Iora sets her sights on the library of Catocala Hall, she doesn’t count on accidentally catching the attention of young a young noble by the name of Kanina Coineanach. When Kanina realizes the heist taking place in her home, she impulsively tries to chase down the thief, accidentally knocking them both into the river next to her home. Gushing with snowmelt from the previous winter, the raging torrent carries them all the way from the mountains to the river delta. After miraculously surviving this tumult, the unlikely pair have to find their way back upriver to their home across a sometimes unforgiving countryside. As they grow closer to their home, however, the two unwittingly grow closer to each other, and throw into question everything they know about the social structure of their home. Fighting against the dual social stigma against inter-class relationships and romance in general, the two must re-evaluate their place in the lives they once knew.
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